10 Rules for Golf Etiquette

10 Rules for Golf Etiquette

It is important to know the Golf etiquette if you want to become a good golf player. Being a gentleman’s game, it includes some vital traditions with integrity and etiquette. A golfer is always expected to follow a set of rules and practices for the smooth running of a game. To make things easier, we are sharing 10 rules for golf etiquette that you should keep in mind when switching to the ground or golf course. So, let’s get started.

1. Arrive on Time

Make sure you arrive on time with your entire group to the course. In fact, it is good to reach 10 minutes before your tee time.

2. Don’t waste time on Golf Balls

Do not spend more than 4-5 minutes looking for a ball if you lose it. Play a second ball with a one-stroke penalty.

3. Don’t Play Slow

According to professional golfers, slow play should be avoided while stroking the ball into the hole. Do your best to speed up your play and allow other groups to play faster.

4. Do not use your phone

There is no room for phone in the golf course. So, keep the phones on a silent mode or put it in your bag while playing your game.

5. Avoid Distracting Fellow Players

Try to be calm, composed and silent. Do not stand on the line of play. If you want to learn more about the golf etiquette, join our club in Melbourne today.

6. Don’t Show Your Anger

 Swearing and shouting is not acceptable in the golf course. So, control your anger and try to stay relaxed throughout your play.

7. Do not access through the green with your bag

Believe it or not! The excess weight can leave the marks on the green. So, it is good to avoid walking through the green with your heavy bag.

8. Dress Code

 Be specific when it comes to wearing dress for a golf game. It is good to wear collared shirts or polo t-shirt and pants with socks and golf shoes. Make sure ladies wear tailored culottes skirts, polo t-shirts, golf shoes, socks, slacks or pants.

9. Cautiously Handle Flagstick

 It is vital for you to know that the flag should not flutter in the breeze when you are holding onto it. If you lay it down. Make sure you lat it off the green to avoid any damage.

10. Repair the Ground

 Be sure you replace your divots and rake any bunkers while entering the ground. You should follow this etiquette if you are playing golf.


These are 10 rules for golf etiquette that can help you maintain the essence and integrity of the sport. Make sure you follow them properly and play this ancient game with pride. If you are a huge golf lover, then join our Royal Melbourne History of Courses Club and learn everything about this sport.