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At Royal Melbourne History of Courses, we emphasise on supporting those who are passionate about this sport. We provide complete information, including types, rules, etiquette, career opportunities, right techniques and much more to all golf lovers across Melbourne, Victoria.

Physical & Mental Health Benefits

It can be good for your health as well as your heart. Playing golf can improve your mood, alleviate anxiety and increase confidence. If you walk 18 holes three to five times a week, your heart and body will stay fit.

Build Your Career

Participate in golf tournaments across Australia to build great networking. Our club has been serving the needs of all those who are passionate about this royal sport. We provide our prestigious members with a unique opportunity to play this sport.

Royal Melbourne History of Courses: Our Club History

This club was founded by Lucas Williams, Henry Brown and Noah Bridges in 2010 in Melbourne, Victoria. It was the common love for Golf that brought three of them together. Lucas Williams, one of the eldest founders, is a retired doctor and came up with the idea of opening the Royal Melbourne History of Courses Club.

Our fan club went on to establish a strong reputation- thanks to our professional team, membership plans, informative blogs, and a comprehensive guide on Golf sport. We have organised various tournaments in and around Melbourne, Victoria and encouraged youngsters and like-minded Golf players to be a part of this sport. We are best known for providing:

  • Fan Club Activities
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Basic Techniques
  • State-of-Art Equipment
  • Etiquette and Pace of Play
  • Different Courses
  • Latest Updates on Golf Tournaments

Interesting Facts About Golf

The Beginning

Golf introduced from stick-and-ball games which played in ancient times in Scotland. The sport originated first to the European countries during the middle ages.

Golf in Australia

According to the references, the sport in Australia was traced back in 1839 in the oldest golf club, which is still the subject of debate between the Royal Melbourne Golf Club and The Australian Golf Club in Sydney.

Loved by Women As Well

Yes, Golf was one of the Earliest Spots open to women in Australia. The first championship held in Australia was for women in 1894 in Geelong, Victoria. Everyone loved this sport since its inception in Australia.

First Tournament

The Open Championship was the oldest golf tournament in the world. It was first played on 17th October, 1860. It was included in the Summer Olympics 2016, held back in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil.

What Our Prestigious Members Say

The Golf Club in Melbourne has cleared all my doubts regarding the rules, types and basics of this sport. I really enjoy being a part of this club.

Hudson Martin
Retired Officer

The culture of this club is developed on the passion for the game of golf, and thanks for giving us a platform to live our passion and accompany social and relaxed camaraderie.

Xavier Turner
Managing Director

Thanks for running an active fixture programme for beginners. I learned a lot from your club about the basics of this sport.

Riley Walker

One of the best places to enjoy the game of golf with like-minded people. It is always fun to visit the Golf Club in Melbourne and improve the skills.

Arthur Lee

The Basics of Golf

Golf is a technical sport, and beginners should seek instructions from a qualified and trained golf professional. It is vital for every amateur to understand that golf is not only the Gentlemen’s game. It is for everyone who needs to learn the art of getting the ball into a series of holes. It is an individual sport played by hitting a ball using a club from a tee into a hole. The main purpose is to get the ball into the hole with the minimum number of strokes of the club. Though the sport is played competitively, you can enjoy it to relax your mind and body. You can play this sport on a golf course in Melbourne. Usually, there are 18 holes in a course. On each hole, the golfer hits the ball from a tee. The hole is on a slightly smoother area of short grass which is known as the green. When the ball is on the green, the player will use a putter to roll the ball into the hole. The number of strokes will be counted for each hole and recorded on a scorecard. If you want to know everything about golf, you can join our membership and become a well-trained golfer.

We are one of the most renowned golf clubs in Melbourne! Join us and know everything about this sport.

Meet the Team
Teaching Professional

Harvey is a passionate and devoted golfer who has experienced the highs and lows of international golf tournaments. He is totally focused on providing comprehensive coaching to our members and is known as a highly-regarded instructor.

Golf Coach

A great coach never leaves their students feeling confused, and that’s what Edison does with their potential students. He is one of the most popular coaches in our club who is passionate about this ancient sport. He has been working with us for more than 5 years and doing a pretty good job.


He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of our club. We are happy to say he is a part of our Royal Melbourne History of Courses club. He has been managing the entire club for over 8 years.

Important Golf Terms to Memorise
Golf Tee

It is known as a wooden peg where you put your golf ball on at the start of the hole. The place in which you play the ball for the first time at the start of the hole is also known as the golf tee.


Fairway is the part of the course that heads you towards the green. The green is a soft and smooth ground surrounding the hole.


It is an action when you hit the golf ball. Whether it is a miss or get into a hole, it will still count as a stroke.

Our Partners
Who Can Join Our Club?
Senior Players

Are you a senior player who has been playing for years? We will give more reasons to fall for this sport.


Our club has been providing all types of information on this sport. We encourage women of Melbourne to play and build a career.


Our club is a perfect place for beginners who don’t know much about golf. From basic learning to interesting facts, golf rules to stroke techniques, you will explore everything.

Qualities of Our Coaches

We have a team of coaches and other staff who are fully focused and dedicated towards their work. They have years of experience and can help you become a successful golfer in Melbourne.
We believe in maintaining the dignity of our club, and that’s why we have coaches who are disciplined and full-dedicated.
Respecting the rules of golf is one of the important things. We take this as a great sport that can give you peace of mind and also boost your mental health benefits.
Years of Establishment
Qualified Professionals
Golf Etiquette
Golf Etiquette

We, at Royal Melbourne History of Courses, pride ourselves on providing with detailed information on golf and its etiquette. If you are new, please join our club and discover the undeniable standards follow in a sport.

We Are Preserving the Passion For Golf!
February 2010

We decided to run a club dedicated only for golf lovers or who are passionate about this sport.

September 2012

In 2012, we became one of the most renowned golf clubs in Melbourne, Victoria.

December 2015

Our club organised various events and programs to promote golf across the capital city of Victoria.

February 2021

We are planning to take this club to the new heights of success by delivering highly-trained golfers to our country.


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