Know Everything About Golf Rules

Know Everything About Golf Rules

Are you passionate about playing golf? If yes, then you should know everything about the rules of this royal sport. The Rules of Golf are universal but you should know some basic rules that will make things easier for you. The following rules will help you get around the golf course penalty-free because you deserve a good time on the golf course.

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1. Golf Clubs

According to the golf rules, you can carry maximum 14 golf clubs in your bag. If you carry more than that, you will end up paying heavy penalty. So, be careful because you need space for other equipment also in your bag.

The penalty for keeping more than 14 clubs is two strokes/strokes per hole with a maximum of four strokes.

You can prepare a customised set of clubs, including left-handed or right-handed, two putters, two drivers, etc.

2. Teeing Area

The teeing area is referred as the front and side extremes of the tee makers and two club lengths back. A golfer can stand on the tee if the ball is in the teeing area. So, keep this in mind before stroking the ball.

3.  Three Minutes of Search Time

According to the new rules, search time has reduced from five minutes to three from 2019. You can search for the lost ball for three minutes. Do not waste time more than that otherwise it is against the golf etiquette.

4. Say Provisional if you Looses a Ball

If you have lost you golf ball, the first thing you need to do is to play a provisional. You are not allowed to play another one. You have to use the word provisional while stating that you are playing one. If you declare this, that ball is now in play as your three off the tee even if you find the first ball.

5. Hit the ball as it lies

You must stroke the ball as it lies even if you have discovered a bare lie or a divot. This means you will get a free drop from things like other greens, drains, or marked areas under ground repair.


These are some of the important rules that you should keep in mind while playing the golf sport. Whether it is a practice match or a live tournament, make sure you follow the rules and stick to the basics for a stress-free experience. You can also join