Facts About Golf That Will Surprise You

Facts About Golf That Will Surprise You

If you are an ardent golf fan and love this sport, you should start taking fun golf courses at the Royal Melbourne History of Courses. You will get to interact with other golfers at the course and learn new skills to develop your golfing knowledge and learning further.

This sport has been around for a long time, but there are still many facts about golf that will surprise you, such as:

  1. Golf Was Considered Rebellious

There was a time when golf was considered a rebellious sport among people. This happened to be in Scotland between 1457 and 1744 when golf was considered distracting as it was believed to interfere with military training. Back then, people played golf on the streets or in public spots and it was considered annoying to the public.

  1. Golf Started In Scotland

Golf was started in the same country that decided to ban it. Golf was started in 1457 in Scotland during the high point of the Middle Ages. Although it was then banned soon after as it was creating a nuisance in public, people created golf courses where they could play golf in a private setting. The ban was soon lifted, and people started playing on these golf courses.

  1. Women’s Golf Started A Hundred Years Later Than Men’s Golf

The first round of driving women’s golf was played almost a hundred years after men’s golf. This was because women were not allowed to play sports in those days. So, after almost a hundred years, finally, in 1867 in Musselburgh, Scotland, the first round of women’s golf was played.

  1. Golf Balls Had Feathers And Were Made Of Leather

When golf was started initially, the golf balls were made of leather. The manufacturers would then wet feathers and attach them to the leather and then use this to play golf. This soon changed as hitting this kind of golf ball became hard.

  1. Wooden Golf Balls Might Have Been Used

Many people believe that after the leather golf balls didn’t work out, manufacturers used wood for them. They also used wooden golf balls because the wood was used for games. But this did not last long, and soon the modern golf balls were made and have been used as the standard golf ball since then.

  1. Golf Was Played On The Moon

Golf has not only been played on the earth but has also been played on the moon. This was the longest game because the golf ball was never found when Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr hit the golf ball with a 6-iron club on the moon.

  1. Tiger Woods Had His First Victory At Eight

The golfing expert Tiger Woods started playing golf at a very young age. He had his first hole-in-one at the age of eight. Tiger Woods has now won over eighty golf tournaments and is a renowned golf player worldwide. He is one of the biggest names in the golf world and is famous for his master strokes.

  1. Phil Mickelson Plays With His Opposite Hand

Another renowned golf player is Phil Mickelson, who is right-handed but plays golf with his left hand. This is because he started copying his dad at a young age, and his dad was left-handed. He learnt the left swing and has been playing with his left hand since then and has mastered it well.

  1. You Have A 12,500 Chance Of Hit A Hole-In-One

If you know about golf rules, you know that hitting a hole-in-one is one of the most challenging things in golf as the golf hole is tiny, and it is hard to get it in there. There is a 12,500 to one chance that you will be able to hit a hole-in-one when playing golf. Even professional players who have years of expertise and experience are not able to hit a hole-in-one and practice a lot to try to do so.

Golf has a lot of fans now and has a lot of health benefits as well, and there are many golf courses and clubs you can join and improve your game. So, go ahead and start golfing now!


Looking at the above interesting facts, it is well-established that golf has been around for a while and has just gotten better over time. You should also try this beautiful game, relax, unwind on a beautiful golf course, and have a good game.


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