Traditional Golf

This is the most common types of golf in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes in least strokes. It was originated in 15th Century in Scotland. The traditional golf courses consist of 18 holes, but may vary from 22 to 18. If you want to play traditional golf in Melbourne, then visit A Maze’N Things.

Mini Golf

It is a smaller version of golf in which you can play a fun and low intensity game on small greens. The main objective of this game is to complete all the holes on a course with least strokes. The sport uses artificial putting surfaces, such as concrete surfaces, carpet and artificial turf, a geometric layout that often require non-traditional putting lines, such as artificial obstacles and shots.

Pitch and Putt

Golf Australia and the Australian Pitch & Putt Association have developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the sole aim to boost participation. It is an amateur sport, similar to golf, where the length of the hole is upto 90 metres and just 2-3 clubs are used. The maximum course length is around 1,200 metres. Players hit the ball from raised artificial teeing surfaces using a tee and it has its own handicap system.


It is an amalgamation of football and golf. Players use a football instead of a golf ball and it is kicked with a club towards a larger cup in place of the usual golf hole. It is one of the most advanced types of golf, which is popular among youngsters. Footgolf uses the similar model as golf, with tees, bunkers and 9 or 18 holes of play. You can either play in a pair or as a team. The main difference between Footgolf and golf is the size of the holes- they are usually shorter.

Urban Golf

This type of golf originated as a beach golf in the small coastal town of Sawtell in NSW Australia. In this sport, individual players or team hit a ball into a hall using different clubs. Urban golf is usually played in the streets, on synthetic grass, in the city as well as park. It features a distinct lack of nature and leather ball can be used instead of a standard golf ball.

Speed Golf

It is a fun, quick and fitness-oriented substitute of traditional golf that involves playing a round in the shortest time and fewest possible strokes. One stroke is counted equal to one minute. Rules as well as etiquette are usually the same for speed golf and traditional golf with minor changes. The sport was believed to have been commenced in 1979 in California. It is popular in Australia as well.

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