Frequently Asked Questions

According to the golf experts, four hours is the estimated time most people give for 18 holes of play.
Choosing the right golf club is not difficult. There are around five categories of clubs, including:
  • 1 Hybrid
  • 7 Irons
  • Wedges
  • 3 Woods
  • A Putter
A professional Golfer suggests you to set the pitching wedge at a 45 degree angle for an accurate stroke.
According to the Golf rules, you can carry only fourteen clubs in your bag.
Yes, to get the ball into the holes, you need proper training from a professional coach. They will teach you the right technique to play the best strokes. You can join our fan club and explore this royal sport.
Yes, you need to understand the Golf etiquettes to play this royal game. Maintaining silence, paying respect to the greens are some of the common things to remember.
It is another term used for a double eagle, or 3-under par on any 1 hole.
Most of the Golf courses in Melbourne follow a no-denim rule. However, the dress wore during the match may vary from tournament to tournament. Usually, players wore collared shirt with Golf shorts or skirts for women.
If you are living in Melbourne, you can fill the form online and become a member of our club.
You will need to spend money, time and energy to become a professional golfer. Find the reliable coach who can work on your shortcomings and help you become a great golfer.

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